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Relationships go through a number of stages

  • 1- Initial Stage (romance) – Everything is seen through tinted glasses, it seems beautiful and perfect. For example, someone who comes late is viewed as the extremely busy with work.
  • 2- Eye opener stage (reality) – In this stage the negative aspects of his/her personality start surfacing and this could become a source of disillusionment. This stage if handled well could lead to a strong and mature relationship.
  • 3- Stability stage (Maturity) – It implies ‘I accept you as you are’. This leads to a certain meaningful adjustment with each other.
  • 4- Commitment stage (Totally practical) – Here the couples complement each other and not complete each other. Minor tiffs are usual. You love your partner for who he/she actually is.
  • 5- Marriage Stage (Romance once again) – It is a stage of a complete partnership. All the successful relationships could end in marriage and the honeymoon phase follows again. Some problems may arise because of the added responsibilities of living together 24X7, none will be too big to handle.

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