We have conducted training programs, workshops, group/individual counselling sessions and other activities for many schools, colleges, Universities, Government organizations, Non- Government organizations, International Organizations and Public and private sector organizations over the last 15 years.

Main Topics we handled are-
1-Communication Skills
2-Interpersonal Skills
3-Team Building
4-Career Counselling
5-Leadership Training
6-Handling Anxiety and Stress management
7-Personality Profiling
8-Time Management
9-Work-life balance
10-Managing Marital conflicts
11-Being an innovative and effective teacher
12-Building good self-esteem
13-Teacher Training Workshops
14-Workshops on Parenting
15-Workshops for the students of different age groups
16-Essential Counselling Skills
17-Training programs for Counselling Children and Adolescents etc.
We have conducted the workshops / career counselling sessions / Trainings for students, teachers and parents in various parts of India. Some of the Government/Non-Government Organizations, where we conducted trainings/ workshops -

Government Organizations-

1-Ministry of Defence
2-Ministry of social Justice and empowerment
3-Ministry of Health and Family welfare
4-Ministry of Women and Children
5-Ministry of External Affairs
6-Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
7-Ministry of Culture
8-Ministry of education

Non- Government Organizations-

1-YMCA , Mumbai
2-Naz Foundation
3-Katha Foundation
4-Guild for Service
5-National Association for the Blind
6-Blind school, New Delhi.
7-Centre fo Hearing Impaired
8-Muskan NGO
9-Aadi Special School
10-Child relief