Q: What kind of problems do people seek counselling help for?
A: For any kind of emotional pain, loneliness, unhappiness, dissatisfaction and even for personal growth.

Q: Can couples and family seek counselling?
A: Yes, they definitely can.

Q: If I share my personal problems, will it be confidential?
A: Yes, all information shared during the counselling process will be between the client and counsellor.

Q: What are the methods used by the counsellor to help the client?
A: Through providing a safe and secure environment for sharing, accepting the client for who he or she is, helping the client get in touch with his feelings, helping client reorient their thought process, pointing out faulty thinking, suggesting modifications in behavior as needed and giving directions for a more meaningful life.

Q: How long does one counselling session take?
A: Typically, a session takes 1 hour.

Q: How frequently do I need to see the counsellor?
A: Once a week for about a month for any progress to be achieved.

Q: What are the charges per session?
A: Rs 1500/- per hour for exclusive individual counselling.

Q: Do I need to take an appointment ? If yes, how?
A: By calling and setting an appointment at 011-46140405/9818854460

Q: If I don’t want to have a face-to-face counselling session?
A: Seek an appointment for telephonic counselling