Do you have problem in disciplining your child?
Are you a ‘Jumpy’ overprotective parent?
Do you have difficulty in motivating the child for studying?
Unable to communicate with your teenage child?
Your child does not study, until you sit with him/her?
Unable to keep your child away from the Internet, TV and Mobile phone?
Is your toddler having difficulty in adapting to school?
For want of time, do you overindulge your child by being permissive?
You have little privacy, time or leisure for yourself.

If you have said ‘yes’ to three or more of these questions, come and join our Parenting skills workshop

Come, listen and interact with the expert Counsellor Dr. Vasnatha. R. Patri who is a highly qualified and experienced professional. Find answers to your worries.

Workshop Fee- Rs. 2,000/- per person
For couples- Rs. 3,500/-
For Bulk registration (4 or more) – Rs. 1,500/person

Send an E-mail or call (011-46140405) to register. Apply Early- Limited Seats. Confirm by sending the fee by a Demand Draft drawn in the name of Indian Institute Of Counselling or send an E-mail asking for Banking details. We will reply and you can remit the Fee.