Crisis Intervention is psychological counselling aimed at assisting individuals in a crisis situation to restore balance in their day-to-day functioning and to minimize the potential of trauma. Crisis occurs when the ability to cope exceeds the demands of the situation. The priority of crisis intervention/counseling is to facilitate stabilization.

Crises can occur on a personal or societal level. Personal Trauma can be situations where a person is making suicidal threats, experiencing threat, witnessing homicide or suicide, or experiencing personal loss. Societal or mass trauma typically affects a large group or society. Such instances are school shootings, terrorist attacks, and natural/manmade disasters.

Crisis intervention includes:-

  • Assessment of safety in personal trauma
  • Guiding the client to take help from social support systems
  • Prevention of breakdown
  • Awareness about the temporary nature of trauma
  • Identification of maladaptive responses and providing problem solving skills
  • Resolution of the crisis
  • Adaptation to new situations and encouragement on self reliance

Counselling is usually long terms from 5-15 sessions depending on the severity of the crisis.
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