• Dr. Vasantha R. Patri conducting a counselling training session.
  • The team with students at IIC
  • A Workshop at IIC
  • Dr. Vasantha R. Patri and her team conducting a counselling session for govt. school teachers on alcohol and substance abuse concerning their students
  • Dr. Vasantha R. Patri receiving the Prince Philip (UK) and the IRTE Road safety Award
Welcome to the Indian Institute Of Counselling. The Indian Institute of Counselling is fully committed to the emotional well-being and psychologically healthier and balanced lives of individuals and institutions. It offers various services, including personal growth and development training, academic and life-skills training (effective communication, interpersonal skills, adaptation to new situations, managing relationships, decision making, assertiveness, a sense of positivity in life, coping with stress, being solution oriented etc.)


"I had a bipolar disorder. I came clueless to meet Dr. Patri. Over a few sessions; she identified my problem and then counseled me in managing my condition. I am now a full functional doctor. I am under medication and I seek help of Dr Patri, whenever, a need arises. I am ever so grateful to her for her understanding and wise counselling."
Dr. N.S. Mahesh,
(Names changed to maintain confidentiality)


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